Here we can upload and share photos to remember those special moments about the workshop that were certainly not recorded by the KITP.
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Special thanks to Richard Lyon for launching the idea for this page and sharing first his pictures.

KITP round tower.jpg

Weeks 5ff:

2017.07.20 (C. Bergevin)
o Sorry, have some pics but a bit hard to readily upload them here. So linking a Dropbox folder w/ them:

o The mysterious gumnut "valve" splitting problem:

o And the mysterious "rock holes" (which I'm pretty sure are biological in origin; clams?):

Week 1 to 4:

Beachside KITP group.jpg
Beachside KITP group
Fishbowl KITP 2.jpg
Fiskbowl KITP 1.jpg
Shihab and Don.jpgHynek and Sarli.jpgCold Spring Tavern.jpg
Four moscaters.jpg
Four moscaters
Andriy Peggy Hugo at Beachside.jpgTobias Heather at Beachside.jpg
Hynek entertains at Beachside.jpg
Hynek entertains at Beachside
Ankit Sarli Melanie at Beachside.jpg


Scientific pictures and art:

Inner and outer KITP cells:
Inner and Outer KITP Cells.jpg
Inner and outer hair cells at KITP

Bony labrynths of the beach.jpg
Bony labrynths of the beach
Barn owls in the residence dining room.jpg
Barn owls in the residence dining room

Santa Barbara Hair bundle:
Santa Barbara hair bundle.jpg
Santa Barbara Hair bundle

2017-06-19 17.11.58.jpgIMG_20170622_160919.jpg